Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cheap Gas

As politicians talk about energy independence the discussion often and quickly turns to renewable energy, and rightly so if but late getting out of the starting blocks. The way toward cheap gasoline is in the production and increase of alternative fuels to lessen the dependency on fossil fuel/crude oil.

Basically, if we want to achieve energy independence, its going to mean giving up oil and moving to something else.

Half the people frequently speak about nuclear power as the best remedy for our energy needs. On the other hand, many talk about the potential of solar and wind power. But no matter how you personally feel about those technologies, they have nearly no impact on the price of gasoline.

Thats because we use oil first and foremost to make transportation fuels, whereas we use nuclear, solar and wind energy to generate mainly electricity. We want see cheap gasoline again until we attain some moderately encouraging breakthroughs in battery-powered technology - or make automobiles out of solar panels or toss a fission reactor under our cars hood - most of the alternative fuels were betting on to break our oil addiction are fall short.

Unfortunately, there is something on the horizon that promises to one day eliminate our need for gasoline as far as cost and performance and afford-ability is concerned. Before it eventually replacing fossil fuel, there will be years leading up to that when we will see cheap gasoline prices again.

No, not Ethanol, which is a fuel source made out of corn, which brings has recently brought its own negative impact on the economy as it is being reported as a key reason such basic goods as bread and even eggs and beef are becoming more expensive, due to the demand of corn going up because of Ethanol production.

No the fuel source that has recently become very popular due in fact to the Internets ability to bring it to the mass is Hydrogen. Hydrogen generators plan that product energy from separating the Hydrogen from water and using it as a fuel source is actually old technology, made new due to the advancement of the technology around it.

Now, building your own water into fuel generator is very inexpensive and the parts can be found in your local hardware store of all places. While, better control mechanics used to power the separation and control the out put of the HH0 gas has made it safer than using gasoline or ethanol because the hydrogen is released only in small amounts and as need.

Cheap gasoline is on its way back. But, not through the use of Ethanol, not solar power or wind power, not battery technology but older technology that our new technology has finally caught up with is now being considered by many as the alternative power source that will begin to bring back cheap gaso

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More information on rehearsal techniques

Engage in both mental and physical rehearsal. By mental rehearsal, they suggest visualizing you mentally presenting a strong, poised, coherent presentation. This is a technique that is often used by athletes with sometimes stunning results. The theory is that if you picture yourself speaking effectively, you will indeed speak effectively. Physical rehearsal is the more common type of practice where a speaker presents his speech to a friend, coworker, or simply to the wall. It is this type of rehearsal with which the remainder of the suggestions for practice will be concerned.

Rehearse the speech as a whole. It is better to not practice sections of a speech individually. After all, you don’t present your speech in sections. It is often beneficial to go so far as to practice your speech just as it will be performed, from the moment you get out of your seat to speak until the time you have returned to your seat.

Simulate the speaking situation as closely as possible. The idea situation is to practice your speech in the very room which it will be performed If this is not possible, try to find a room or environment as close to the performance environment as possible. If a lectern will be used, use one in practice. Just do anything you can to make your practice approximates the actual performance.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Water Dams

Water is on of an important resource for humans, not only human for animals and birds also. We need a good water source for living peaceful. Today many countries in the world maintain their water source. In future water may not be getting frequently. Now the main water source is rain. Every place in earth having their own raining season, after raining season we need to save the water, for saving the water we need dams. Many water dams are available in all over the world. Every country properly uses their rivers and constructs good water dams on river to fulfill the water need of people.

In all country Agriculture is an important field to fulfill their food needs, and improve the country growth. If any country wants good agriculture they must properly provide good water resources to formers. Water dams not only useful for agriculture, we will construct electric power from water dams. Land water also will increase with use of water dams. If a country wants to regulate their water resources, they must have good water dams.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Importance of Wi-Fi on laptop

Connecting with your friends, family and colleagues anyplace and anytime is no longer a dream thanks to the presence of Wi-Fi on laptop. Laptop had made it possible for people to carry their world with them wherever they travel and presence of Wi-Fi networks makes it easier for them to connect with the outside world. Here is why Wi-Fi has become important additions to laptops:
  • Wi-Fi networks can be used by anyone irrespective of their age, profession and location. For example now you can send emails or chat with your friend from local shopping malls, airports, hotel lounges and any other place that is Wi-Fi enabled. Constant availability of Wi-Fi network surrounding a particular geographic region is one of the most important features of this technology.
  • Wireless is now increasingly being used by all the major corporate houses to connect with their clients as it is fast, easy to use, simple to install and extremely reliable as compared to wired networks.
  • One of the most important terms of wireless world is wireless fidelity which ensures that all the Wi-Fi equipments are tested so that they can work securely at the same frequency bandwidth and also have features that can best make use of Wi-Fi technology.
  • Making use of Wi-Fi connection you can enjoy fast data transfer and could share files with your colleagues even while you are traveling.
So take advantage of Wi-Fi network on your laptop to be in constant touch with the world.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Powerful Writer

Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957) found world wide acceptance and acclaim. A very powerful writer with a different way of thinking and unique philosophy, she has influenced millions of readers the world over, who have embraced her theory that man must be selfish in order to achieve.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Global Warming, Act Now !

People all around the world talking about global warming today. Discussions about global warming is importent and must be to be continued until the world realizes that Global Warming is an issues that needs to be addresses. Global warming it’s about our planet. If we do not acting now, we will destroy our planet.

Too many green house gasses that released to atmosphere is the main cause of global warming. This is can happen because web use to many fossil fuels, land clearing and agriculture. The air temperature has increased by 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit during the last 100 year ending 2005.

Most government has signed Kyoto Protocol to ensure countries try and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This Protocol was set up on the 11th December 1997 and was enforced on the 16th February 2005.

Global warming has cause the sea levels to rise and cause massive Ice lands have began to melt at a very rapid rate. We should act now for future generations. We can all do something about it today. Act Now !.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quest for Love

A brief, obligatory history is in order. My quest to create a definition of love began in roughly tenth grade, when I challenged myself with the question of, “Is what I feel for this girl love?” My conviction in the reducibility of things even as abstract as the concept of love motivated me to pursue and design a definition of love by which I could answer the original question. There were two criteria for success. The first was that I had to believe it. Definitions, by their very nature, are whimsical. They cannot be proven or justified. A word, by itself, means nothing.

The second criterion was that it had to be generally acceptable. Inside this criterion, I add the proviso that the definition might be poorly or at least insufficiently well worded: thus, acceptance is permissible even if I must explain it again. Love is a completely different game when compared to dating and having fun. It is not what you have for a girl when you meet her in a party. It is not what you have for a girl, when you hit on her at a party. It takes time and it means complete understanding between two different people.

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