Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Water Dams

Water is on of an important resource for humans, not only human for animals and birds also. We need a good water source for living peaceful. Today many countries in the world maintain their water source. In future water may not be getting frequently. Now the main water source is rain. Every place in earth having their own raining season, after raining season we need to save the water, for saving the water we need dams. Many water dams are available in all over the world. Every country properly uses their rivers and constructs good water dams on river to fulfill the water need of people.

In all country Agriculture is an important field to fulfill their food needs, and improve the country growth. If any country wants good agriculture they must properly provide good water resources to formers. Water dams not only useful for agriculture, we will construct electric power from water dams. Land water also will increase with use of water dams. If a country wants to regulate their water resources, they must have good water dams.

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