Friday, August 28, 2009

Peace and Conversation

A home country should be a heaven for the people living over there. But for the people living in the countries like Sri Lanka, Somalia, Albania, North Korea etc, they had suffered a lot from their internal country problems. Any great problem can be solved through the conversation but most of us do not know this magic. There are many wars solved through the conversation. As a human being we should know how to respect the people. Each and every soul is very important. So we can bring an end to many wars through discussion. Save people and bring peace to the world.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Have You Participated in Social Networking?

The Internet serves many different purposes, and that is why people use it for many different purposes. Some only play online games, some only browse forums, some engage in chats. But how about social networking like MySpace? Apart from dangers that might await you there, there are many benefits that you can gain from participating in social networking. First and foremost, you have a chance like you never had before to meet the people that share the same interests as you. This cannot be usually achieve in a place where you live, because what is the probability that somebody in your workplace enjoys, for example, horse riding? If you have never tried social networking, I recommend that you give it a try to at least get a feeling of what it is like.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Check Your Search Engine Ranking

A good webmaster is going to know a lot about his website. Having access to information is necessary to deal with any potential problems or to compete with competition. There are many tools which can be used to obtain different kinds of information, but the one which I want to talk about this time is Rank Checker. This tool is a plugin for Firefox that allows you to check your search engine rankings. Search engine ranking are very important, because a lot of traffic is usually coming from Google or other major search engines. With Rank checker you will be able to check your rankings for Google, Yahoo, and MSN. If this sounds interesting to you, you can download it here:

Thursday, August 6, 2009


CAPTCHA is very often used as a method to reduce spam comments on websites. It is a way to verify that the person who wished to leave a comment is a human being. For those who do not know, CAPTCHA is a type of a challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether the user is human. “CAPTCHA” is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”, and it is often incorporated it in a way that visitors have to type the letters of a distorted image.

Most spam comments are posted by bots or programs that are specifically designed for spamming. They automatically visit sites on the Internet to look for places where it is possible to submit comments, in order to post unwanted advertisements of websites or services. One of the best ways to prohibit this is to use the CAPTCHA system that requires the visitor to write down the letters that he sees. Since computer programs do not know how to analyze images, only humans will be able to decipher the letters.

Whereas some CAPTCHA’s have been broken like phpBB’s, it is still a very good method to avoid scripts spamming forums or other websites. Many sites are recently adding the CAPTCHA verification system. I think that this will not make them necessarily less enjoyable to visit, but will rather prevent spammers and hackers. Of course, when using CAPTCHA it is important to make it readable to an average person. After all, we want to fight with bots, not with our loyal visitors.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Number of People Having Internet Access

There are sites on the Internet that provide charts and data showing how many people have Internet access and what continents and countries they come from. Those data are very interesting. Let me here share some of those facts.
As of March 2009 there were 1.5 billion people having access to the Internet. That is approximately every fifth person on the planet. I am sure that in more civilized countries there is more than one person out of six surfing the Web. The majority of Internet users live in Asia (41%), then Europe (25%) and then North America (16%). What is important to understand is that the number of Internet users in Asia is growing exponentially. Among the languages used on the Internet, English is the main one followed by Chinese and other languages like Spanish, Japanese, and German. However, non–native English speakers outnumber native English speakers 3:1. The Internet is becoming increasingly popular because it is so useful. For the first time in history there is a cost-effective way for people living in different countries or even continents to communicate so easily. More and more people also have access to the Internet by using mobile devices such as phones or PDAs. Wireless Internet using technologies like Wi-Fi is also gaining on popularity.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Understanding Modern Online Language

If you play online games, use a cell phone, or chat using instant messengers, the chances are high that you came across some sort of a modern slang that mainly young people use. You will not be able to understand it completely unless you learn it. Learning modern online language is like learning any other language in the world, with the difference that there is no grammar. Fortunately, this new language is easier to learn. Let me here give you a few examples of words and what they mean in English. For example, brb = be right back, gtg = got to go, gr8 = great, lol (used a lot in online games communities) = laughing out loud, any1 = anyone, xlnt = excellent, dis = this. I expect that in the years to come, this online language will develop a lot further, and many new words will see the light. We live in times when time is very important. When you play your favorite online game, you do not have time to explain to other players that you have to leave the game and that you will see them later. You simply write gtg, cya. I hope this information was useful to you.

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