Saturday, December 13, 2008

Submitting to Directories

While there are many benefits of submitting your website to directories, some people think that the whole process might be a little tedious, as it requires a lot of work and time. There are companies which offer directory submission services. If you take advantage out of the services they offer you are going to benefit from improved ranking for your site, without the work usually associated with it. What you should watch out for are automatic submissions, because search engines tend to ignore or even ban websites that are submitted many times through automated means. It is the best to do the work yourself, and this way avoid any potential problems.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Are Conversions and Impressions?

I recently noticed that I use the terms conversions and impressions from time to time, but I might have not explained them properly. To begin with, those are terms often used in affiliate marketing and when it comes to Google Adsense. Impressions are the numbers signifying the amount of times the page with affiliate ads has been visited. Since it is easier to manipulate the impressions count then conversions, you are not going to be paid solely because of high amount of impressions.

On the other hand, conversions signify how many people of the ones who clicked performed that action you were paid for. Conversion rate is usually lower than 10% and often even lower than 0.5%, as conversions are actually the ratio of sales to impressions. So, for example, a 10% conversion rate would indicate that 1 in 10 people who view an ad decide to make a purchase. Impressions and conversions are very important part of a marketing strategy.

There are many people who specialize in maximizing the conversion rate, and what they do is they try to attract as many visitors to a website as possible. The amount of conversions will also depend on the attractiveness of a website. If there are enough call to action buttons a visitor is a lot more likely to make a purchase, and as a result, there will be more conversions.

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