Sunday, August 2, 2009

Understanding Modern Online Language

If you play online games, use a cell phone, or chat using instant messengers, the chances are high that you came across some sort of a modern slang that mainly young people use. You will not be able to understand it completely unless you learn it. Learning modern online language is like learning any other language in the world, with the difference that there is no grammar. Fortunately, this new language is easier to learn. Let me here give you a few examples of words and what they mean in English. For example, brb = be right back, gtg = got to go, gr8 = great, lol (used a lot in online games communities) = laughing out loud, any1 = anyone, xlnt = excellent, dis = this. I expect that in the years to come, this online language will develop a lot further, and many new words will see the light. We live in times when time is very important. When you play your favorite online game, you do not have time to explain to other players that you have to leave the game and that you will see them later. You simply write gtg, cya. I hope this information was useful to you.

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