Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cheap Gas

As politicians talk about energy independence the discussion often and quickly turns to renewable energy, and rightly so if but late getting out of the starting blocks. The way toward cheap gasoline is in the production and increase of alternative fuels to lessen the dependency on fossil fuel/crude oil.

Basically, if we want to achieve energy independence, its going to mean giving up oil and moving to something else.

Half the people frequently speak about nuclear power as the best remedy for our energy needs. On the other hand, many talk about the potential of solar and wind power. But no matter how you personally feel about those technologies, they have nearly no impact on the price of gasoline.

Thats because we use oil first and foremost to make transportation fuels, whereas we use nuclear, solar and wind energy to generate mainly electricity. We want see cheap gasoline again until we attain some moderately encouraging breakthroughs in battery-powered technology - or make automobiles out of solar panels or toss a fission reactor under our cars hood - most of the alternative fuels were betting on to break our oil addiction are fall short.

Unfortunately, there is something on the horizon that promises to one day eliminate our need for gasoline as far as cost and performance and afford-ability is concerned. Before it eventually replacing fossil fuel, there will be years leading up to that when we will see cheap gasoline prices again.

No, not Ethanol, which is a fuel source made out of corn, which brings has recently brought its own negative impact on the economy as it is being reported as a key reason such basic goods as bread and even eggs and beef are becoming more expensive, due to the demand of corn going up because of Ethanol production.

No the fuel source that has recently become very popular due in fact to the Internets ability to bring it to the mass is Hydrogen. Hydrogen generators plan that product energy from separating the Hydrogen from water and using it as a fuel source is actually old technology, made new due to the advancement of the technology around it.

Now, building your own water into fuel generator is very inexpensive and the parts can be found in your local hardware store of all places. While, better control mechanics used to power the separation and control the out put of the HH0 gas has made it safer than using gasoline or ethanol because the hydrogen is released only in small amounts and as need.

Cheap gasoline is on its way back. But, not through the use of Ethanol, not solar power or wind power, not battery technology but older technology that our new technology has finally caught up with is now being considered by many as the alternative power source that will begin to bring back cheap gaso

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