Monday, November 9, 2009

Global Warming, Act Now !

People all around the world talking about global warming today. Discussions about global warming is importent and must be to be continued until the world realizes that Global Warming is an issues that needs to be addresses. Global warming it’s about our planet. If we do not acting now, we will destroy our planet.

Too many green house gasses that released to atmosphere is the main cause of global warming. This is can happen because web use to many fossil fuels, land clearing and agriculture. The air temperature has increased by 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit during the last 100 year ending 2005.

Most government has signed Kyoto Protocol to ensure countries try and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This Protocol was set up on the 11th December 1997 and was enforced on the 16th February 2005.

Global warming has cause the sea levels to rise and cause massive Ice lands have began to melt at a very rapid rate. We should act now for future generations. We can all do something about it today. Act Now !.

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