Sunday, September 28, 2008

Need Motivation to Blog?

Everybody needs some motivation to make everyday decisions. Whether it is money, pursuit of fame or love, our actions are determined by many factors. When a blogger launches a new blog he is driven by something that he wants to achieve. Without proper motivation, there is no blogging. If not motivated in any effective way, a blogger can eventually stop spending time blogging and might quit the amazing world of blogosphere. In this article I would like to present a few small, but important things that keep my blogs running and make me want to spend my time blogging rather than doing something else. Here they are:

  • Seeing the progress of my work. Blogging involves numbers and this is what I like about it. Whether it is data on the number of visitors provided by Google Analytics that helps me see the increase of number of bloggers visiting my site, or other ways to see progress like Alexa ranking, I really like it. To me, maintaining a blog is like practicing for a marathon race where you constantly get better: stronger, faster etc. I like to think that my strength are my loyal visitors, and my speed are various rankings. To back up this point, I would like to give an example of how I am motivated right now to blog. I recently got more motivated to blog, as I am receiving more traffic, which in turn makes me spend more time writing articles.

  • Seeing other bloggers progress with their blogs. Nobody wants to stay behind, including me. However, I do not view blogging as a competition, but rather a social activity additionally bringing me satisfaction, way to spend my free time and money. If everybody goes ahead, then there must be some good reason for blogging.
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