Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pinging With Feedburner

Did you know that pinging can take no time at all? Pinging is a great way to notify search engines of any new content published on your blog. This way you can receive more traffic, and your articles will be more popular in the blogosphere. Feedburner can help you achieve this without slowing down the publishing of new posts. Secondly, while it gives you customizability, you will have to monitor and manually add update services and in case they change you will have to update the list yourself.

A way to avoid it, and in my opinion, the best way to manage the pinging of your posts is to use PingShot. To enable it, log in to your Feedburner account, select your blog’s feed, go to publicize and ultimately to PingShot and after customizing it, activate it. As I indicated it is tied to Feedburner and it is a way to automatically ping various content aggregators as soon as the content changes, but additionally this list is going to be kept and maintained by PingShot, which means that all of the work will be done automatically. This is what I meant that pinging will not take you any time at all.

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