Friday, September 26, 2008

Instantly Growing a Blog?

There have been some cases, where a blog was only a few days old, and already had a few hundred subscribers. How is this possible? One of the secrets to instantly growing a blog is to have one established blog, and then create a new one. You can then link to it often from your old blog and mention it in your older blog.

This is a really effective strategy, as there have been blogs like AnyWired or Logo Design Love which prove that. There is a saying, which says, that it is the hardest to earn your first million. It is also true, that establishing your first blog is the most challenging.

Once you already have one blog with many visitors, then starting a second successful one shouldn’t be that hard. Another advice that I can give you, is to start a blog with a similar topic to the one that you already have. That way, if you have already an established blog and the same readers keep coming to your blog on a regular basis, they will be more likely to come and visit your new blog, once they hear that your new blog is related to your older established blog.

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