Monday, September 29, 2008

Are Wireless Devices Worth It?

In the recent years, we have been observing the influx of wireless devices. For example, there are more and more wireless keyboards models of computer mouse available, and many computer users are switching to this type of devices. I had many different keyboards and models of mouse. Some of them were wireless, so I am going to state my opinion. First of all, I am a person who likes my computer to be reliable, and I appreciate that I do not have to change batteries in my mouse or keyboard, which are not wireless.

Wireless devices might be “cool”, but they are less reliable, because you might run out of batteries at any time, especially if you are not watching their life. Secondly, wireless devices are more expensive, because you need to buy batteries for them, and even if you use rechargeable batteries, they will not last longer than 3 years.

Finally, I can say, that it is a matter of preference. If you do not mind taking care of your batteries on a regular basis, go for wireless devices. You will feel more comfortable knowing that you do not need to connect them anywhere, and that you can get rid of so many cables surrounding your computer.

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