Monday, March 15, 2010

Gaining weight

An active life is the secret for a long life. Daily activities can include out door activities like jogging, walking, skipping etc. The most important points of exercising is that they provide you the much needed oxygen, this keeps you fresh and active.

It keeps you in good shape and reduces the fat content in your body. It also helps you to make new friends and helps you make more social contacts. Exercise also helps in secreting the happy hormones that keep you cheerful throughout the day.

Out door activity can be combined with the gym in order to tighten your muscles. You can do a wide variety of things at the gym like losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles etc. The gym and exercise must be supported by a good, healthy and balanced diet that helps you reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol in your system.

Working out every day increases your lung capacity and exposes you to early morning sunlight which is a good source of vitamin D which is good for your skin. Working out is something that everyone needs to make a part of in their daily routine.

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