Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Running Contests on Your Blog

I would like to present you with an idea how to make your blog more popular. I think that this idea will only work for more established blogs, or for those bloggers who are willing to invest some money. First of all, people love contests. People love contests because they like the idea of winning something. There are some bloggers who organize contests and giveaways on a regular basis, and the number of their RSS subscribers skyrockets.

Even a blog that is not that popular, after announcing a contest in which attractive rewards will be given out, might become a lot more popular within a couple of days. There is a big probability that the number of visitors will increase, as well as number of RSS subscribers. People will hang around such a blog to see if there are any new contests.

Visitors will also start reading various posts on such a blog. As you see, there are various advantages of organizing contests, and that is why I encourage bloggers to organize them. It is not as hard as it sounds, and your blog might become a lot more popular because of organizing them. You can visit other blogs in the blogosphere to see which contests are the most popular.

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