Thursday, July 16, 2009

History Of Trojan Horse Virus

We all know that the hardest virus is Trojan horse but do we how does it got the name? There was War between Greek and Troy for the beautiful woman in the world, Helen. This Trojan War lasts for ten years. Greeks decided to defeat Trojans in a tricky way. They have made a gigantic wooden horse and some Greeks were hid themselves in that horse. When the Trojans came to the spot, they thought all the Greeks ran away and they have taken that horse to troy. The winning ceremony was held on that night. The soldiers came out from the horse and opened the gate for other Greek soldiers to enter the Troy. After a long fight Greeks conquered Troy and killed all the Trojan men. The women and children were taken as slaves. Like the hidden soldiers were attacked suddenly, this Trojan horse virus suddenly attacks the system by hiding themselves.

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