Thursday, June 17, 2010

All about Caffeine

Caffeine is healthy only if it is consumed in limited quantities. Many may be surprised by this fact, but it is true. Although caffeine is recognized by the FDA and is termed safe and although there have been no medical studies to prove that caffeine is harmful, the fact is that when caffeine is over consumed it can affect one’s health. When consumed in moderation there are no harmful effects and is in fact good for one’s health. About three cups of coffee a day is the limit which an average individual can consume. Anything above this level can affect one’s body. Some people are even get addicted to caffeine and for them consuming caffeine proves to be a get out of stress and can even help some work for longer hours and not feel tired. On the other hand for another group of people caffeine, caffeine can have no such effects on them and they can drink endless glasses of coffee just because they are addicted to the taste of coffee. Due to consumption of excessive milk and sugar in the glasses of coffee they are taking in a large amount of calories and in turn tend to get overweight. So, drink coffee in moderation to stay healthy.

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