Sunday, April 4, 2010

13 Ways to Save Money

It spring time in DC. The weather is beautiful here, it partly cloudy and nearly 80 degrees. Spring is typically a time to do some cleaning but its also a good opportunity to start saving some money. Why? People tend to get out and about more, so you might have some extra spring travel planned. Also, saving money tends to help your budget and accelerate your investing. So, here are 13 ways to shave a little off your budget:

1. Switch from name brand groceries to store brand.
2. Pack all lunches for school / work.
3. Join a carpool. This saves both money and the environment.
4. Turn off the lights when leaving the house.
5. Water the lawn at night, as evaporation from the sun will waste water.
6. Set your lawnmower to cut the grass as short as possible.
7. Keep your showers short.
8. Consider hand-washing your dishes if you don't have a full load.
9. Save your leftovers for a second meal.
10. Eat everything in your pantry before you make a new trip to the grocery store.
11. For shorter trips, use a bicycle or walk instead of driving your car.
12. Wash your car at home, rather than a commercial car wash.
13. Leave your credit cards at home.

While some of the above tips will only save you pennies at a time, but if you try to work several of these into your daily routine, the overall effect could help shave your household expenses by a significant amount. The money you save can be used for investing, paying down debt or for going on vacation if that’s your inclination.

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