Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My encounter with UNO

Today I was organizing my shelf and I found these old packs of UNO cards that I had used long back. It brought back so many memories that I would like to share with you. I just took the pack and sat down on a chair thinking of the funny times that lead me into playing. This happened about five years back. There was thunder and lightning when I left my house. I was heading towards the beach for a walk.

My phone rang and I asked my driver to pull over. It was my friend and she asked to me pick her up from her place so that we could hang out in the new gaming centre that had opened in a mall. I quit the idea of walking and headed towards her house. To my surprise a whole lot of my friends where there and we had a nice time together. Everybody knew that I hated playing cards. For a strange reason I thought playing cards was like gambling which I despised. But my friends did not leave me at that.

They were determined to make me play the UNO cards and I was determined not to play! This argument continued and we ended up playing running and catching. I went into the attic and screamed out loudly that I hated playing cards. But then, I am very susceptible to giving in, in an argument because I hate arguing! I started playing the UNO and figured out that they were totally not like the normal cards that gamblers use to play!

This may sound like a silly incident today. But I still remember that this incident had taught me a valuable lesson. We are always caught up with preconceived notions about everything in life and we refuse to let go of them even if the roof comes down. This simply blocks the mind from free thinking and affects our lives! So today let us leave all our prejudices behind and start approaching every day of our lives as a new beginning towards a beautiful journey! Keep reading my blog for more!

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