Friday, March 5, 2010

Music will deliver

Music is something that is born out of thin air. It is indeed a blessing that we have the sense of hearing. Nothing can liven p our spirits like music. Half the movies wont have the same effect on you had it not been for the back ground music.

Listening to your favorite tunes in your I pod makes time just fly by and a hard long jog gets over in jiffy. Music indeed has the power to heal. Music increases the adrenalin in your body and also increases the happy hormone and makes you feel much more hopeful.

Music gives you the same effect as drugs, only this is positive, real and without poisoning your body. It has been found that creativity in people occurs due to certain brain waves. These brain waves can be recorded using EEG.

It has been found that certain music can trigger these same brain waves and hence enhance your creativity and happiness. Music amplifies your moods, be it a happy mood or a sad mood or an excited mood.

Music is the soul of our life and life will be much better if we have music as a hobby. Hope and positive attitude is something that everyone needs in bucketfuls and music can deliver that in truckloads.

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