Saturday, March 6, 2010


Developing a fabulous body and bulking up the body with muscles is the ambition of everyman in this world. This is a big craze among teenagers who hit the gym the next day they are eighteen. Some hit the gym even before they are eighteen. How ever, statistics show that very few are really successful in achieving their ambition.

Most of them give hope or falter half way through. Some just try it for a week before they succumb to mental weakness. The reason is that they are not mentally prepared to hit the gym. Everything that you do In life needs to be planned well and you need to be aware of the efforts you will need to achieve the results and what pains you might have to undergo and he compromises you need to make to achieve your goal.

In their enthusiasm for a good body, most people forget that the gym is real hard work. The effort that one needs to put in the gym is something that he wouldn’t have done physically till that point in his life. The body, when subjected to sudden exertion, tries to rebel by creating pain by secreting acids that cause pain in the muscles.

Since your muscle is not used to lifting a heavy weight or not used to lift weights repeatedly, the muscles don’t go in rhythm with your mind. This factor makesthe person feel very puny and totally busts his confidence. How ever they fail to understandthat all the pain vanishes in the first one month.

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