Saturday, March 6, 2010

Landscape Lighting Methods

One area of the home that often does not get the level of attention it is worthy of is the yard. Though it is not technically a part of the home, if appropriately lit, it can act almost as an additional room, permitting parties and guests to flow outdoors and to draw attention to your home garden. Outdoor lighting is very important to accent points of interest, such as sculptures, fountains, or ponds.

Outdoor lighting does not need to be as difficult as many homeowners try to make it. A number of homeowners have started placing solar-powered walkway lighting along driveways or paths. These fixtures are energy-efficient and quick to install because there is no wiring involved; instead, the solar panel collects energy from the sun. Though these are much more versatile as to where they can be installed, it must be remembered that the solar panel is required to face the sun so that it may collect the necessary energy. Care must also be exercised with these outdoor lights when maintaining the landscape; these lights should also be taken care of. Cleaning the light fixtures will ensure that the full light generated by the bulb will be seen and mold or mildew will not accumulate. These solar fixtures should be used as accents in gardens and markers for walkways and driveways, but their functionality is limited almost exclusively to that due to their low power.

For large-scale landscape lighting projects, line-voltage fixtures are often the choice. These lighting fixtures get their power from wires that are run though an underground conduit. While these are brighter lights, you lose the convenience to easily move the lights due to the digging and running of underground conduits. This is a good system to use if running higher voltage professional lighting, such as the landscape lighting available from Kichler, along a driveway, which is unlikely to move. Also, these types of systems are generally installed by professionals because of their high voltage.

For those who wish to compose their own outdoor lighting system without the use of a professional, a low-voltage lighting system is the suitable choice. These fixtures are connected to the electrical system of the home, but the electrical hazard is minimized because of the implementation of a transformer. By using this method, the lights will simply turn off if the wires are accidentally cut while digging.

Whichever method you select, remember that the quality of the light fixture has a great impact on the landscape lighting as a whole. Do not waste your hard work in wiring the lights by choosing low-quality lighting fixtures. Manufacturers such as Kichler, Progressive, and Hinkley all offer high quality lights at great prices. By selecting a professional landscape lighting manufacturer, you will also have a broader range of choices when deciding on fixtures to match your landscape design.

By taking the time to carefully plan and implement your landscape design, you will in essence create an extra room to your home. Though this can appear to be a daunting task, by doing your research and turning to professionals when necessary, these lights can last a lifetime and create a welcoming environment in any home garden.

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