Monday, March 8, 2010

Feel Happy

Man like all animals at one point of time, was more used to roaming wild in the forest. He was more busy hunting and finding food. There was more activity for him in the outside.His need for a shelter came only when he needed to rest.

Throughout the day, he used to be busy and always on his feet. How ever, things have changed of the last few millennia. Especially in the last one hundred years, man has become very lazy and is more content to sit at one place and work. In fact, technology has reduced the physical work of man and only gives him mental work. This leads the body to go out of shape. Sitting and eating without any activity causes man to become very fat and unhealthy.

We get breathless even if we have to walk just two blocks to work. In order to keep ourselves healthy mentally, we need to be healthy physically. We need some sort of physical activity or hobby that we can pursue in between our busy work. The ideal and enjoyable thing would be jogging. Jogging has a whole lot of advantages. First of all, the best time to jog is early in the morning. Most people get the free time only early in the morning. Hence, Keeping jogging as an activity gives an early start to your day.

Jogging increases the blood flow in your body and releases hormones that make you feel very happy. It ensures that your heart is in top shape and by causing you to breathe heavily, it makes you take in a lot of oxygen Oxygen brightens your spirits and increases the energy in you and removes laziness. Besides, jogging helps you to socialize with people who don’t belong to your regular group. This makes you emotionally less dependant.

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