Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enough Diet

For the evening, you can go for salads, tea and biscuits and you can round off dinner with some fish and chicken. A teaspoon of honey every morning before your jog will help you jog that extra mile and ensure that your body gets the much-needed iron. Once in fifteen days, you can treat yourself to a huge meal with desserts and stuff so that your diet doesn’t get monotonous and your body doesn’t forget how to digest fat. Milk, eggs and chicken give you the necessary proteins and the salads, vegetables and fish provide you the minerals and vitamins.

The juices ensure that your body receives enough fluid to compensate for fluid loss due to perspiration. This is a balanced diet that is tasty and easy to maintain. Once you loose your weight, you can increase your protein intake through more eggs and chicken along with your normal diet and move over to core strengthening so that your muscles grow into the sag that your skin develops due to weight loss.

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