Friday, March 5, 2010

Different forms of nerve disorder conditions

It is essential to maintain the conditions of nerves in balanced state to make the perfect activity of daily life. There are conditions that affect these parts like injury and certain illness. It is essential to maintain the important body parts with suitable precautions.

There are many different forms of diabetic neuropathy conditions which affects the human nerve functions. Some of them include peripheral neuropathy, this is the condition which causes severe pain in the body parts like feet and hand. This condition also makes the person to experience the loss of feeling in the parts like toes and legs.

Autonomic neuropathy is very serious condition in human body which affects the functions of bladder and bowel movements, it also changes the blood pressure conditions. there are also proximal neuropathy which cause the sever pain in the hip region and general weakness condition is experienced by the patient. All these different forms of illness can be controlled by suitable theraphy and medications

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