Friday, February 19, 2010

Signatures for every action

Mudra is a very popular buzz word in the world of yoga. There are various mudra’s available in the yogic practices and each symbol resemble a specific meaning which have a direct or indirect association with the kind of practice being performed. It is believed that practicing mudra during meditation or just having a mudra(Sign) has the capability to influence directly and bring benefits to us.

It is believed that our five fingers resemble five elements in nature. The physical body is made up of five elements namely - Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aakash. The concept is that imbalance among these will create disturbances in the immune system and causes diseases of various kinds based on the levels of imbalance. Most of the mudras are practices by joining of fingers in specific manner or having the hand in specific posture that creates electromagnetic vibrations in the body which in turn is proved to have vital medical and curing effects in our physical and psychological aspects.

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