Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bill Gates

Any one, who wants to study the progress of the computer, particularly software, is conscious of what might be called the Legend of Bill Gates, who’s unattractive, DOS OS, acquired from someone else, but endorsed to fame by then leading IBM to avoid the antitrust breakup that had then just hit AT&T, came to dominate the market. In Boca Raton, where the IBM PC was urbanized, some of us used to fun that PC, meant "piece of crap," and that is still true of Micro Soft, especially some of its recent invention farces! It is possibly among the least innovative companies in history. [See the film, "Pirates of Silicon Valley" for a small part of this story.]
Bill Gates and his hirelings such as Michael Kinsley, continue to endorse that legend, with what has become a fabric of lies, around the supposed smarts of Gates' and his newly discovered "Creative entrepreneurship." When he accepted his voluntary degree from Harvard, the drop-out expediently mislaid the role of his dead mother Mary, in talking IBM's CEO into giving DOS a shot. IBM's organization choose DOS over the advice of its own engineers accurately because of its poor quality as they predictable, wrongly it turned out, they could take over the OS feature as well as hardware, after the heat was off with respect to antitrust.

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