Friday, October 23, 2009


Steve Talloarico (Tyler), Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry came together in 1970 to formed a band in Boston, MA, USA. The band is Aerosmith and they had a contract with Guitarist Brad Whit Ford and Drummer Joey Kramer and came out with their first album “ROCK STAR” in 1973, which had a record breaking sale for nearly two million copies. And they came out with their second album in 1974. “GET YOUR WINGS” which was a very huge hit and earned a very huge fan base. In 1975 they came up with “TOYS IN ATTIC” album which is a mixture of Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop and Blues, the success of Aerosmith’s – Toy in attic was soaring which made them as a International Stars equivalent to the ROLLING STONES. In 1980 and 1985, in the former year had the unveiling mammoth with “Greatest Hits” and latter year had “Done with Mirrors”. They gave some of the best evergreen hits like ‘Janie’s got a gun’, ‘what it takes’ from their album “PUMP”, this album fetched their first Grammy awards. Aerosmith is my evergreen and favorite band, I still listen to the songs and they have given some of the best album.

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