Monday, September 14, 2009

Earning Extra Cash

There are a lot of writers that not only like to write a lot, but additionally have blogs dedicated to money making techniques. There are some interesting posts about making money that are posted all over the Internet. It would take a long time to read all of them, so for your convenience I decided to summarize it in a lot less words. Basically, it is about techniques that people use to make money online. And this is in short how they do it:

-They join a network like b5media that has a base pay and a certain dollar amount per page views. B5media was founded by Darren Rowse.
-They build an authority website and look for ways to monetize it.
-They write a book once the blog is established and use their blog to promote it.
-They create a product and sell it on their site. There are a lot of products that can be sold this way.
-They use ads like AdSense, Chitika, WidgetBucks. It is important that ads should be targeted.
-They use e-commerce. Selling goods for women and babies are the best source of income.
-They become freelance writers.
-They have a few websites appealing to different people.
-They subscribe to TTZ media if their blog is about technology.
-They offer services.
-They have a site about something very specific like iPods. This will ensure very targeted traffic.
-They participate in paid surveys. However, watch out for scams.
-They participate in referral programs. Depending on what you refer, you can make a lot of money.
-They found sites like Blogrush or one dollar/euro Wiki.
-They rewrite an eBook and add their own content into it.

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