Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Best Time to Publish a Post

What time of the week is the best to publish a post? Some will probably say that we should post everyday, but taking into account that this is often not possible, which day of the week is the best? The best day would be when the most readers would visit your blog. While it is hard to be certain, supposedly the best day would be Monday or Tuesday, as that is when most people check out blogs after a weekend away.

Another way to approach this issue is to analyze when do you visit other blogs the most often. Yet another alternative way is to analyze a particular niche, and try to deduct when would people be the most interested to read about a particular subject. For example, a site dedicated to politics should post updates whenever there is an important political event. If your site is about lotteries, you should update it whenever there will be new information available.

I think that we need to agree that it is not that easy to decide when it best time to post. However, those who post every day do not seem to have this problem, so maybe the solution is to post more often? Posting every day will ensure that your visitors will always have something new to read when they visit your blog, even if they visit it on a daily basis.

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Dana Telco said...

I think that also depend on reader country from.


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