Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sort Your Emails

You can sort your emails in programs like Outlook in many different ways. This time I will only give a tip for Outlook users, however, other email programs have similar features, as all of them are quite similar. Here it is how you can sort your incoming messages:

1. Open your Inbox and localize the bar at the top of it.
2. On this bar you will see categories like From, Subject, Received and Size.
3. Click on Size for example and your messages will be sorted from smallest to the largest.
4. Click on Subject, and your messages will be sorted in alphabetical order according to the first letter in the subject.
5. Click on From, and the messages will be arranged alphabetically according to the name of a sender.
6. Click on Received and the messages will appear in the order you received them.

I hope this will be useful, as organizing emails might often not seem that easy, especially if you are receiving a lot of them. Another important aspect to remember is to have proper spam protection, in order to avoid receiving dozens of spam messages every day. Eliminating spam can help you a lot in sorting your email.

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