Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blogging is Time Consuming

Most people who do not blog do not realize that blogging is very time consuming. There are multitude of things to do including marketing, search engine optimization, networking, promotion, using Digg, guest posts, posting, comments, moderation, template design, protecting from hackers, and writing reviews.

I suspect that I did not even mention all of the things to do. A blog is like a business, but the difference is that usually only one person has to do all of the things. In companies there are different people responsible for different aspects. Sometimes there are even departments only responsible for one aspect like marketing. Naturally, you do not have to work on all of the aspects, but if you will not, then you won’t be really able to compete with other bloggers.

One of the most important things you need to focus on is marketing. Marketing is an interesting subject and a crucial part of a successful blog. That is why it is beneficial to learn from marketers how they manipulate how people think. It might sound scary, but that is really what marketing is about, and I don’t believe there is any fundamental flaw in it. I think it has been discovered what is the secret in marketing that allows to attract a large number of people. Successful marketers believe it is all about emotional connection, specifically to be able to connect with what’s behind the brand, with what’s behind the promise of the product. If that is achieved, it can create loyalty beyond reason.

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