Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is Your Computer Secure?

We are using our computers for many purposes, including online banking. We also use services such as Paypal while paying for various products. We usually feel secure at our homes hoping that nobody will be able to steal valuable data from our PCs. I know that many people leave their PCs running all day long.

In the meantime they go to a supermarket or on a walk with their dog. There is a possibility that if you leave you computer unattended somebody will break into your house and steal data from your PC.

The chance of that happening is not that big, but there is a bigger chance that a hacker might get access to our financial data by directing us to a phishing website. You can never be too careful. In fact, it is better to be too careful than not careful enough.

Our computers might not be as secure as we think that they are. Make sure that you use hard to guess passwords for any important online accounts. If you live in a dormitory or any other place where many people might have access to your PC, remember to protect your PC with a password every time you leave the room in which your computer or laptop is stored.

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