Monday, October 20, 2008

Drawing People to Your Post

Very often writing a high quality and unique post is enough to ensure that people will read it. On the other hand, there are many marketers who say that most readers make up their mind if they want to read your post just after reading the title. That is why the title of your post might be the most important thing to do to make people stay on your blog besides, of course, writing high quality content.

There is no magic rule when it comes to the title, and it depends what kind of audience you have. It depends on what you exactly want to achieve, but a good way to attract readers to read your post is to simply make them believe that they will gain something after reading it. If you have some kind of unique content, don’t be afraid to clearly state so in your post title. Depending in what niche you are, there will be completely different post titles that will try to attract visitors which are interested in that particular niche.

The knowledge of the preferences and interests of your visitors is definitely going to help in creating a great title. Will your visitors be drawn to a shocking title, a funny one, a puzzling one, an intriguing one? Your job is to try to figure that out.

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