Saturday, October 4, 2008

Overheating Problems

When it comes to summer it is a wonderful time of the year, but if you live in a really hot climate, and do not have air conditioner you may experience overheating problems with your computer. If your computer has a good fan and thermal paste is applied properly to the CPU then you shouldn’t experience any problems even in the summer, but that is often not the case. There are a couple of things you can do to avoid your computer overheating in general:

• Clean the dust inside the computer, especially near the heatsink. The dust will otherwise block the air, and reduce the efficiency of your heatsink.

• Install one or two case fans. Those are really useful, especially if you overclocked your PC. Many people do not realize that overclocking will increae the temperature at which your PC is running.

• Check if thermal paste is sufficiently applied to the CPU, and if it is not, reapply it. This is a common problem, and can be easily solved if it is easy to remove the heatsink. Unfortunately, some heatsinks may be difficult to remove for a typical PC user. I noticed that in many cases that applying thermal paste solves a lot of problems.

Naturally, overheating is not only a problem which exists in summer, so I hope you will find these tips useful throughout the whole year.

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